Internet Cache Cleaner 1.01

  • Last update: 18 Oct 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 20KB
  • Downloads: 2838

Internet Cache Cleaner can cleanup not linked files and URLs from internet cache, left by Internet Explorer.

While you use Internet Explorer for surfing, visited pages are saved on your hard drive so you can see them off line. Internet explorer generally puts these files in a folder named Temporary Internet Files.

Internet Explorer is not perfect, so parts of files are left on your drive, not visible in the cache. There is no possibility to manually delete these files. This problem exists on every version of Internet Explorer et and still in version 5.

Features of Internet Cache Cleaner 1.01 :

· Delete not linked files left by Internet Explorer in its cache.
· Delete also url which have no corresponding files in the cache.
· Tested with IE4 and IE5.

What's New in Internet Cache Cleaner 1.01 :

· Solve a problem with the english version for finding internet

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