Iron Key 1.3

  • Last update: 31 Oct 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 0.97MB
  • Downloads: 4580

Kryptel is a reliable and time-proven encryption solution for data storage and backup. Whatever your encryption demands are - from a single-click file encryption to complex automated encryption batches

Sending files over the Internet requires a certain security level as well. You will need Silver Key if you have to transfer sensitive data over the Internet or other insecure media. Silver Key produces a self-extracting encrypted parcel, which contains the data you want to protect from prying eyes. The recipient does not need to install any software to decrypt the data. Silver Key is HIPAA-compliant software - you will find it a reliable solution if your organization is to comply with the HIPAA privacy regulations.

Data loss, corruption and theft of important documents can easily ruin an emerging business. You take care of your personal property, locking up your house when you leave. The time has come to do the same with your data, and encryption software is the key.

Features of Iron Key 1.3:

· Supports drag-and-drop encryption.
· Supports integration with the Windows Explorer or your favorite file manager.
· Uses the industry-standard DES cipher in the Electronic Codebook mode for data encryption.

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