JkDefrag 3.36

  • Last update: 12 Apr 2009
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 467KB
  • Downloads: 37705

Free disk defragment and optimize utility for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/X64. Completely automatic and very easy to use, fast, low overhead, with several optimization strategies, and can handle floppies and USB disks/sticks.

Included are a Windows version, a commandline version (for scheduling by the task scheduler or for use from administrator scripts), a screensaver version, a DLL library (for use from programming languages), and versions for Windows X64.

What's New in JkDefrag 3.36 :

· Reverted back to an old Microsoft Screensaver library. The 2008 compiler has a library that is incompatible with Windows XP ("The procedure entry point ChangeWindowMessageFilter could not be located in the dynamic link library USER32.dll").
· Fixed a problem with extremely long path names.

What's New in JkDefrag GUI 1.05 :

· Added missing GNU Lesser General Public License file
· Fixed small bug in language update when JkdefragGUI is updated from previous version
· Fixed small bug in CCleaner update function when no internet connection is available
· Updated Romanian Language
· Updated Chinese Language(s)

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