KeyWallet 1.0

  • Last update: 12 Dec 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.42MB
  • Downloads: 8074

KeyWallet is a useful and convenient desktop utility that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords and other personal data manually.

With KeyWallet you can store your data in "keys" and then simply drag-and-drop them anywhere. A key can contain any personal information: logins, passwords, names, addresses etc. A key consists of several fields (usually 2-3 fields, e.g. login and password). Each field contains a text string. One key example is a key named "My e-Mail Account" for the login website of your e-Mail provider with two fields: "Login" and "Password". Another good example is a key named "My Passport" with fields like "Name", "First Name", "Telephone", "Address" etc. You can also associate a website address with the key, so that you can open the website simply by clicking on the globe icon beside the key.

Features of KeyWallet 1.0:

· Fill any form (internet HTML form in any browser, java form, windows dialog etc.) per Drag & Drop.
· Skin support.
· Create keys automatically (KeyWallet records your typing!).
· Create keys manually.
· Your private data is safe encrypted (via blowfish algorithm) .
· Backup/restore your keys and preferences.
· Generate random passwords (not only for usage with KeyWallet).
· Associate an URL with a key and start browser automatically.
· Simple new skin installation from the web.
· Multiuser support (to create another user profile log in to another Windows account)

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