LockJar 2.1

  • Last update: 18 Nov 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 5.03MB
  • Downloads: 9193

LockJar 2.1 is developed to aid in the complete control of Internet cookies being placed on your machine

Unfortunately, with a lot of web programming, cookies are an inevitability. In order to assure that a visitor gets a robust experience out of a website, the company will sometimes need to put information onto your computer in the form of a small file called a "Cookie".

LockJar basically watches your Cookies directory and interrogates any changes made to it. I've broken cookie types down into four distinct categories: Spy Cookies, Suspects, Session, and Edible (OK).

Spy Cookies are from websites that have been known to use gathered information to better suit their advertising amongst other things. Any cookie designated as a Spy Cookie will be promptly removed from the cookies directory by LockJar as soon as it is written. I include a small database file that includes the Spy Cookies that I currently know of from reading information on Internet Privacy sites. With LockJar, you can designate any cookie found in your cookies directory as a Spy Cookie and these will then be removed as well when they are written.

Session cookies are ones that you determine to not necessarily be a spy, but you don't want it left on your machine either. These types of cookies will be deleted when LockJar is shut down (either by the user shutting it down or during shutdown of Windows).

Suspects are cookies that LockJar does not know about or ones that have just been added to your cookies directory. When LockJar first starts up (given that you have the update option marked) it will interrogate your cookies directory and update the central grid with all cookies that it doesn't know about.

Edible (OK) are cookies that you have designated as being trusted. These cookies will remain untouched.

LockJar is currently only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer or any other browser that puts their cookies in a central directory. Since Netscape (don't know about the new version 6) uses a data file called cookies.txt to store it's cookies, LockJar will not work with this browser. If enough interest is shown for this application, I'll more than likely support Netscape in a later version of LockJar.

What's new in LockJar 2.1:

· Now able to view the contents of the cookies on your system
· Automatic Spy cookie updates direct from the Iron(FE)-Works site
· Will check for updated versions of the LockJar Cookie cleaning engine
· Extra options for keeping an even cleaner set of cookies

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