LoginControl 3.5

  • Last update: 6 Dec 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 483KB
  • Downloads: 6578

LoginControl allows you to manage all your login information from a single, attractive interface.

ll you need to remember is a single password and you can access all your account details, neatly organized into categories. The password and login information can be copied to the clipboard for easy pasting, and you can add additional notes and comments to each entry, as well as a web site URL and more. The account information can be exported to HTML or text format.

The program is easy to use and you should have no problems using it - even though the documentation is only in spanish). All data is stored in a password protected file (encryption algorithm not disclosed). Additional features include searching of your data and print support as well as a password generator to create secure, random passwords.

Features of LoginControl 3.5:

· Multiuser based on personalized profiles.
· Tree based presentation of accounts/groups
· Create groups and subgroups of accounts.
· Can edit all data.
· Support drag and drop.
· Web style.
· Secure passwords showing.
· Links to URL associated to accounts.
· Custom pictutes on tree items.
· Suppot clipboard copy data.
· Export data to HTML and TXT.
· Support backup copies for profiles.
· Random password generator.
· Can print accounts information.
· Change access password.
· Edit profile information.
· Online Help and documentation (only Spanish).
· Muilti-Language support (plug-ins based)
· New graphical interface
· Complete infomation about profiles
· Quick access to recent profiles
· Secure control to clipboard data
· Windows XP Skins support
· Data showing options
· Integrated Random Password Generator in Accounts Editor
· Stay on SysTray

What's new in LoginControl 3.5:

· New User Interface
· Dialogs now appear more efficiently
· New menus more useful
· Now, in the viewer only are showed the filled fields
· Possibility of save profiles without start password
· Possibility of order groups/accounts alphabetically
· New easy multilanguage system support
· Full Windows XP skins support
· Optimized internal code for gain performance
· Improved encryption algorithm BlowFish
· Many modified features by request of the users
· Some minor bugs fixed

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