MailSanctity 1.6

  • Last update: 21 Aug 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 974KB
  • Downloads: 7575

MailSanctity 1.6 filters spam and makes sure you never miss mails from people you know. MailSanctity automatically recognizes your network of contacts and makes sure you receive emails from them.

Mails from unknown senders are evaluated based on the content and sent to Inbox if it is relevant to subjects of your interest or moved to spam folder.

Features of MailSanctity 1.6 :

· People & Business Associates: MailSanctity will automatically recognize people and business associates that you regularly communicate with and make sure you do not miss any emails from them.
· Advanced Content Filtering: MailSanctity will scan emails from unknown senders for adult and other junk content and filter them automatically.
· Dynamic FingerPrinting: Spammers employ new and stealth techniques to avoid their spam mails being filtered by spam filtering tools. MailSanctity creates unique fingerprints of such hard to detect stealth spam mails and publish them at regular intervals. FingerPrint updates are automatically downloaded by our Smart Update service and applied without interrupting your message exchanges.
· Smart Update: MailSanctity publishes extensive rules and new spam fingerprints on a regular basis. MailSanctity Smart Update service will download and install the updates without interrupting your message exchange. The new updates will be applied in the background enabling effective filtering immediately.
· Personalized Filtering: What is spam is very subjective. MailSanctity creates personalized filters based on distinctive characteristics of your messages. It also keeps updating the personal filters by actively monitoring your messages to keep in sync with any significant changes in your message profile.
· Easy to Use: MailSanctity provides you very highly integrated and effective experience. MailSanctity will start filtering spam mails automatically following installation. You can also use MailSanctity's advanced features very easily through your familiar outlook interface.
· Blocked List: You can also add email addresses of people and companies that send you junk mails to the Blocked Lists. Mails from people in blocked lists will automatically be deleted saving you time.

Rating: 2 1 (vote) Comments:

1. Easy to install and use.

1. Only works with Outlook.

2. I have been using this for 20 days not. MailSanctity has only manageed to block 65 out of 210 spam messages. Infact, the amount of spam I receive seems to have increased significantly since I registered the program.

  • Rating: 2
  • Posted by: Etien
  • Date: 6 Dec 2005
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