McAfee Klez Removal Tool

  • Last update: 20 Apr 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 653KB
  • Downloads: 5452

The McAfee Klez Removal Tool helps you detect and remove any variation of the Klez virus from your computer.

Based on the award-winning McAfee VirusScan engine, the Klez Removal Tool searches for and deletes variants of the Klez virus, including any file infected by the virus payload.

Features of McAfee Klez Removal Tool :

· Deletes all Klez-related services
· Removes any registry entries that were created by Klez
· Terminates all processes that are associated with the Klez virus
· Detects and removes all types of Klez infections

What is Klez?

The Klez virus is a worm that can spoof the From field in an e-mail (often set to an address found on the victim's machine). The worm attempts to unload several processes (anti-virus programs) from memory. The worm spreads by copying itself to network shares, if sufficient permissions exist.

The worm mails itself to e-mail addresses in the Windows Address Book, and to addresses extracted from files on the victim's machine. It arrives in an e-mail message whose subject and body is composed from a pool of strings carried within the virus (the virus can also add other strings obtained from the local machine).

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