McAfee Rootkit Remover

  • Last update: 9 Dec 2015
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 765KB
  • Downloads: 6140

McAfee Rootkit Remover helps you find and get rid of rootkits, one of the most dangerous and difficult to get rid of malware types.

A rootkit hides from system’s active processes list, creates hidden drivers and files and is very hard to be detected or removed by regular security products.

This utility from McAfee offers on-demand scanning and removing of ZeroAccess, Necurs and TDSS family of rootkits.

It runs in a command line like window with no graphic interface and performs three operations if you launch it: initializing, scanning and cleaning.

This tool is not a replacement for a realtime antivirus software and offers only limited anti-rootkit detection and removal options.

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