MultiProxy 1.2

  • Last update: 18 Oct 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 167KB
  • Downloads: 7017

MultiProxy is a multifunctional personal proxy server that protects your privacy while on the Internet as well as speeds up your downloads.

It can also completely hide your IP address by dynamically connecting to non-transparent anonymizing public proxy servers. You can also test a list of proxy servers and sort them by connection speed and level of anonimity.

MultProxy listents on port 8088 by default, so you will need to configure your browser to connect to Internet via proxy server at address (localhost) and port 8088. You can change the port number from options dialog box. If you want other computers on your LAN (without Internet access) to connect to Internet through MultiProxy, you need to enter the actual IP address of the computer where MultiProxy has been installed (instead of You can find out the computer's IP address by running ipconfig.exe (via Start|Run-cmd from Windows taskbar, for example).

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