MyPopupKiller 1.26

  • Last update: 15 Sep 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 49.8KB
  • Downloads: 6357

MyPopupKiller displays the list of all opened windows of your Web browser, and closes unwanted popup and advertising windows.

In addition, it can automatically hide the internal ads of Kazaa Media Desktop, Download Accelerator (DAP), and Opera browser.

MyPopupKiller can distinguish between normal windows and popup windows. most popup windows contains advertising or other unwanted content. However, if choose to automatically close all popup windows, some "good" popup windows may also be closed. In such case, you can hold the Alt key in order to temporarily enable the popups. You can also avoid closing good popups by adding them to the "Allowed Windows" list. You can add a window by its Web address, or by the window title.

It can recognize an advertising window if its title or Web address is found in the banned windows list. If you get an advertising window that MyPopupKiller doesn't recognize, you can add it to the ban list, and avoid that ad in the future.

What's New in MyPopupKiller 1.26 :

· Fixed problem with Firefox 1.5

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