Norton Security 2020

  • Last update: 5 Aug 2020
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 182MB
  • Downloads: 38607

Norton Security 2020 is one of the oldest and well-known security application designed to protect your PC against malware of any type: worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits, phishing, etc.

Now Symantec offers only one product instead of antivirus and internet security. Its name is Norton Security.

It has a fast and easy installation process, but it tries to install software from third-party developers, and they are not required for its proper functionality.

It offers an intuitive GUI and several layers of protection making it a powerful security product.
It is structured into four tabs in a metro-like interface: Security, Identity, Performance, More Norton.

The classic antivirus engine has been upgraded and it is packed with heuristics and cloud detection and Norton automatically takes care of every threat it finds, except for the low-risk threats, that can be handled by user also, in case of detection. Every time you touch a file, Norton evaluates it against thousands of criteria to determine if it is an attack.

SONAR Behavioral Protection steps out, when everything else missed a malware that can infect your computer. Using advanced technologies, it will proactively protect you against unknown threats based on their actions. Identity Safe remembers, secures and automatically enters your usernames and passwords for you, so they can't be lost or stolen. You are offered a strong password generator also. Scan Facebook wall section scans your facebook newsfeed and wall and alert when it finds dangerous links.

AntiSpam filters will carefully guard your inbox and alert in case of suspicious emails your receive.
Besides all these security tools, Norton incorporates advanced features to delete the worst malwares using Power Eraser or Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

If you have children, you can rely on Parental Control feature, that will block and report everything your kids are doing. There is an intelligent bidirectional firewall, that will filter both incoming and outgoing connections and block incoming traffic flagged as unsafe.

Last, but not the least there are two other option useful for everyone: Optimize disk meant to rearrange and defragment your hard-disk data, File Cleanup and Startup Manager.

What's New in Norton Security 2019 :

- Security is moving to the cloud, resulting in reduced on-disk definition size and real-time access to the Symantec Global Intelligence Network
- The company’s multi-layered approach to security is upgraded at every level to better protect against threats that go beyond the scope of basic antivirus
- New look and feel make it easy for users to access product features and manage protection across devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones
- Options to securely back up precious photos, movies and memories on the PC to a user’s choice of location – online or to an external hard drive – offer peace of mind that information is protected if a PC is lost or stolen

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good anti virus

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