Oubliette 1.9.8

  • Last update: 8 Dec 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.14MB
  • Downloads: 10886

Oubliette is a full-featured password manager, with strong encryption and full source code. Store and manage passwords for your internet accounts, PIN numbers, credit cards, etc.

Oubliette uses secure, mathematically strong ciphers to protect your data against unauthorized access. A typical use for a password manager is to store passwords, credit card numbers, and other small, secret pieces of information. This relieves you from having to remember all those passwords, at the cost of having to remember just one: the password used to access your Oubliette file.

Features of Oubliette 1.9.8:

· One-click add or edit account
· Quickly access any account from a drop-down box or using an Explorer-like list interface
· Copy or drag-and-drop passphrase (or other information) to clipboard
· Passphrases copied to clipboard are protected from being captured by clipboard extenders
· Place program icon in system tray
· Ability to fill HTML forms in web browsers (Username and Password fields)
· Easy operation with either keyboard or mouse
· Add notes and memos to each account
· Highlighted, clickable hyperlinks in memos
· QuickFind toolbar and other flexible search tools
· Ability to sort accounts by several criteria
· Automatically save and backup the password file
· Automatically hide account information if the program has not been used for a specified period of time. (Optionally minimize program and/or unload the password file)
· Ability to merge password files
· Ability to launch web browser or email client using URL information stored in an account
· Passphrases and usernames may be obscured with asterisks in any view they are displayed
· Random passphrase generator with configurable character weights or based on user-defined templates
· Option to automatically clear clipboard after a predefined period (protects passwords from being snooped after having been copied to clipboard)
· Group accounts in configurable categories (both names and icons can be customized)
· Powerful search
· Maintain expiry dates for passwords
· Export to a variety of formats (plain text, HTML, comma-separated values or Windows INI file). When exporting to plain text or HTML, Oubliete can use a user-defined template to format the output precisely as desired.
· Import account data from files generated by other password managers
· Encrypt or decrypt arbitrary external files
· Configurable activation hotkey to bring the program window to front after it was minimized to the system tray
· Modern, sleek interface
· "Balloon tips" provide notification about important events without interrupting your work
· Automatic installation and deinstallation
· Help file included.

What's New in Oubliette 1.9.8:

· Fixed a bug which prevented Oubliette from opening .OUB files in some circumstances. I don't quite understand what caused the bug, except that SHGetFileInfo API function doesn't seem to work as documented on every version of Windows.
· Updated German translation

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