Panda Quick Remover

  • Last update: 16 Jun 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.72MB
  • Downloads: 9533

Panda Quick Remover is a specific anti-virus add-on, which helps you get rid of most popular parasites quickly and effectively.

The sophisticated techniques used by today's worms and go way beyond just infecting files. They can corrupt operating system components, change system settings and can even leave your computer out of action.

Panda QuickRemover is a tool aimed to complement our antivirus solutions, and is designed specifically to help restore your computer from all the possible effects of a virus.

Panda Quick Remover can remove the following infections:

· Badtrans, Badtrans.B, Bagle.A, Bagle.AA, Bagle.AB... Blaster, Blaster.B, Blaster.C, Bride, Bugbear, Bugbear.B, CoolNotepad, Dadinu, Datom, Disemboweler, Doomjuice.A, Elkern.C, Fizzer, Fortnight, Fortnight.B... Frethem.J, Frethem.K, Funlove.4096, Funlove.4099, Gaobot.BKE, Gaobot.S, Gibe.C, Goner.A, Happy, Help, Hybris.A, IRCbot.KC, IRCbot.KD, JLR, Kakworm, Klez.F, Klez.I, Kriz.3863, Lentin.E, Lentin.K... Lirva, Lirva.C, LoveLetter.A, Lovgate.C, Lovgate.F, Magistr.B, Magistr.B@mm, Maldal.C (Reeezak), Mapson, Mimail, Mimail.C, Mitglieder.FK, MTX, Mydoom.A, Mydoom.AO, Mydoom.B, Mydoom.N, Nabload.U, Nachi.A, Nachi.B, Nachi.C, Navidad.A, Navidad.B, Netsky.B, Netsky.C... NiceHello, Nimda, Nimda.D, Opaserv (Opasoft), Opaserv.C... Parite.B, PrettyPark, QAZ, Redlof.A, Redlof.B, Sasser.A, Sasser.B, Sasser.C... ShellScrap.Worm, Sircam, Sober.A, Sober.AH, Sober.F, Sobig, Sobig.B (Palyh)... SST.A (Kournikova), Stator, Tearec.A, Updater, VBS/Loveletter.AS, Verona, Verona.B, Vote.A, Zafi.D, Zotob.A, Zotob.B...

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