Password Depot 12.0.4

  • Last update: 17 Feb 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 16.5MB
  • Downloads: 6204

Password Depot offers you an useful solution for remembering passwords you enter on various websites.

From now on, you will set a master password for this program and it takes care of the rest.

Every login form will be auto completed with required date, so as you may browse faster and without headaches. Every password it memorizes is stored using AES-256 encryption algorithm and you can access your data from an USB disk, network places or mobile phone.

If someone will try to use brute-force attacks to find your passwords, it will be virtually impossible as Password Depot locks itself for three seconds every time you enter one wrong master password.

Lack of inspiration when facing a new forum or login form? This software integrates a password generator for you.

This program is user-friendly and if you need it to remember additional fields, you can add a new custom one everytime you need it. Password Depot has its own Recycle Bin making possible to restore anything you have deleted by mistake (login information).

Are you afraid of keyloggers? You have a virtual keyboard that will put you on the safe side, when entering login data on browsers.

This software comes with plenty of features and the free version can only store 20 passwords.

What's New in Password Depot 12.0.4 :

- The Single Sign On procedure has been improved.
- Correction of a problem where the top bar could no longer be restored.
- Correction of a problem with the missing sorting of the list entries.
- The path of an entry is displayed again in the search results.
- Numerous other user interface improvements have been made and minor bugs have been fixed.

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