PingPlotter Pro 3.30.2

  • Last update: 10 Nov 2010
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 3.17MB
  • Downloads: 29155

PingPlotter is a fast and easy to use visual network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for Windows. Ping Plotter is an enhanced trace route program. It does all the things a normal trace route program does - just faster.

Features of PingPlotter:

· Graphically display performance metrics about the route your data takes to a server.
· Monitor network performance over time, capturing the moments when problems surface.
· Zoom in on a problem period and construct a compelling case to have someone help you solve a problem.
· Get notified when there is a network problem.
· Save data or images, and send to others for review.
· Troubleshoot without having to call your ISP, allowing you to know about problems before they do.

What's New in PingPlotter 3.30.2 :

· Improved handling of read-only configuration files and user profile-stored configs.
· Fixed problem with collected data sent in email alerts (the attachment was sometimes corrupted).
· Fixed problem under some Windows 7 UI themes, the summary graph wouldn't resize correctly.
· Fixed occasionaly error when floating the cursor over a time graph.
· Timeouts sort as high latency in the summary graph, instead of low latency (min/max/avg).
· Floating your mouse over the time graph now shows statistics about that data point.
· Time graphs now show grid lines.
· Time graphs paint a bit faster with some video cards.
· Faster startup/shutdown when there are lots of named configurations.
· Removing an alert from a target wouldn't always be saved correctly.
· Gmail's SMTP server now works again (a change in GMail's logic broke STARTTLS SMTP delivery).
· Fixed problem where an alert email might contain a lot more history than you'd want/expect.
· Testing alert emails could lock up PingPlotter in some scenarios.
· File -> Export... command now always prompts for a filename on export, rather than using a default that's probably in the wrong place.
· PRO ONLY - Fixed web interface on IE8 to paint latency/min/max lines.
· PRO ONLY - Minor web GUI tweaks.

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