Puran Defrag Free Edition 7.7

  • Last update: 31 Dec 2013
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 2.62MB
  • Downloads: 8781

Puran Defrag Free is a special utility designed to increase your computer’s speed by analyzing, defragmenting and optimizing your files for a faster access by operating system.

There is a common problem for every computer user that in which Windows and programs are slow and even the easiest operation on your computer can become a real mess.

Puran Defrag will help you get rid of this program, as long as it’s related to fragmentation.

It can defragment every drive you want, and very useful is the Boot Time defragmenter, that will handle all those files locked by Windows during its operation.

There is a scheduler available, if you want to automate things on your computer. At the end of every defragmentation process it displays a detailed log showing files moved, deleted, total files scanned, etc. You can use the PIOZR (Puran Intelligent Optimizer) option for your convenience and also optimize directories for faster access.

It’s free, as the name suggests it and runs very smooth and doesn’t hog your system resources.

What's New in Puran Defrag Free Edition 7.7.1 :

- Supports Windows 10 now.
- Puran Defrag is now free for commercial use too.
- Added recommended schedules.
- Disk Check is now divided into two parts, normal disk check and full disk check.
- GUI now resizable and Disk Check now locates bad sectors and recovers readable information.

Note: Now get a professional defragmenter for your computer at no price at all. This is Puran Defrag Free Edition which is exactly the same as its commercial version except you do not need to pay for it (Free for private and non-commercial use only).

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