Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 2015 16.00 (

  • Last update: 15 Jan 2016
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 673MB
  • Downloads: 114444

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro represents an alternate antivirus solution on the market.

It features a classic antivirus engine powered by cloud detection, an advanced and modern solution for nowadays security industry. It detects and protects against viruses, worms, rootkits, adware, spyware, backdoors, trojans, keyloggers, etc.

The advanced DNAScan takes care of the new and unknown malwares, by analyzing every process by behaviour and its characteristics while running.

Internet protection blocks every attack that comes from browsing the internet and incorporates a powerful firewall that blocks network attacks.

There is an extra feature called ‚Browser Sandbox’. This acts like a shield between internet and your computer. It simulates a virtual environment and everything you do online in your browser will be carefully isolated and than deleted. This is why, once you activate it, no virus can damage your computer.
Email protection is not neglected and cloud-powered anti-malware engine will block any infected email.

The last, but not the least important features offered for its users is TrackMyLaptop. This becomes very useful if your laptop is lost or stolen. You should register your license online and access the specially-designed web portal, where you can find your computer.

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