• Last update: 16 Sep 2016
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 2.60MB
  • Downloads: 9753

SafeIP is a program that protects your online privacy. You can surf completely anonymous on every website, and hide your identity on email, games, etc.

Nowadays most of the websites you visit collect data and track your personal information and browsing habits.

Many schools, offices or even countries block and restrict access to all sorts of websites including YouTube, Facebook, Google+.

With SafeIP you can surf without restrictions everywhere. SafeIP uses anti-blocking measures to prevent the software itself from being blocked by any Internet Service Provider.

When you connect to a free WiFi hotspot, you are vulnerable to attacks, password leaking, etc. SafeIP will create a safe SSL proxy connection and any interception for your private data will be impossible.

Using this program your IP will be hidden and instead you will have a fake IP being displayed to websites you visit. Nobody, including your ISP will be capable of ever tracking your browsing activity and you can protect your privacy. You can change your IP every time you want with a new one and you can set it to automatically change at given time interval.

There are some additional options you may enable to boost your privacy and security even more, like: Malware websites protection, Advertisements block, Cookie Protection, Browser ID Protection and DNS Protection.

It’s a free and without ads software that does its job properly and you should definitely try it if you are concerned about your privacy.

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