Sandboxie 5.55.0 Final

  • Last update: 24 Nov 2021
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 2.29MB
  • Downloads: 14722

Sandboxie is a next generation type of security software working in a special manner.

It is designed to run every program you want in a sandbox, meaning every change made is discarded right after you close that program.

In this way your computer is protected and no malware can infect it as every changes it may trigger are being undone immediately. Sandboxie creates a special place on your HDD, isolated and recreates there a special Windows environment.

You can browse the web, read your emails, download and even run suspicious attachements without any trouble, as you are protected. Of course, you should keep in mind that every change or file you save or modify during your Sandboxie session will be lost.

Even more, cookies and browsing history won’t leak into Windows, but stay inside sandbox, so it’s like you are browsing in incognito mode, but with added security and privacy.

You can succesfully protect yourself from trojans, backdoors, spyware or any other malware type and keep your PC clean and running smooth.

What's New in Sandboxie 5.49.5 :

• Added
- added "UseSbieWndStation=y" to emulate CreateDesktop for selected processes, not only for Firefox and Chrome
- added option to drop the console host process integrity, now you can use "DropConHostIntegrity=y"
- added option to easily add local templates
• Changed
- reworked window hooking mechanism to improve performance
- reworked RPC resolver to be ini configurable
• Fixed
- fixed process-specific hooks being applied to all processes in a given sandbox
- fixed issue with messages and templates sometimes not being properly displayed in the SandMan UI
- fixed issue with compatibility settings not being applied properly
- fixed auto delete issue that got introduced with 0.7.1
- fixed issue with NtSetInformationFile, FileDispositionInformation resulting in Opera installer failing
- fixed issue with MacType introduced in the 0.7.2 build
- fixed global sandboxed windows hooks not working when window rename option is disabled
- fixed issue with saving local templates
- fixed issue when using runas to start a process that was created outside of the Sandboxie supervision
- fixed a driver compatibility issue with Windows 10 32 bit Insider Preview Build 21337
- fixed issues with driver signature for windows 7

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