Sp@mX (SpamX) 4.3.1

  • Last update: 2 Dec 2006
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 1.46MB
  • Downloads: 4135

Sp@mX (SpamX) stops spam and phishing at the source. Trace and report spammers to their Internet Service Providers, using our automated spam tracing and reporting tool. This unique spam reporting software makes spam tracing and reporting fun, and easy. Reporting your spam with SpamX also records the spammer's data in a database on our server for you, and others to use to filter e-mail with SpamX!

SpamX supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Netscape, and will download and report spam received from any POP e-mail account.

How Sp@mX (SpamX) 4.3.1 works :

Simply use the Sp@mX filter, or drag and drop or save your spam e-mail to a user defined folder on your hard drive. With the click of a button, SpamX will go through the folder, parse the messages, and using the SMTP header information from each message, it will accurately trace the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of the spammer. It will then automatically compose and send an e-mail abuse complaint to the ISP reporting the spammer's improper use of their service that contains a message defined by you, plus all of the technical information that the ISP needs to take action against the spammer! It will also record the spammers information in our database for you and other SpamX users to use to filter your e-mail!

What's New in Sp@mX (SpamX) 4.3.1 :

· Some of you have reported that Sp@mX hurls on long character (e.g. Japanese) filenames. I've added a button to the user interface that will convert all of the file to something that Sp@mX can use. This should resolve the problem processing files that contain long characters in the filename.

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