• Last update: 19 Jul 2006
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.01MB
  • Downloads: 3616

Spamdel shows your mail on the server, including the message body – it doesn't have to be downloaded to your PC.

You can view and delete mail, then let your preferred email client download the desired mails. Unlike most other email utilities, Spamdel operates on the server (away from your PC) which means a tremendous improvement in safety against virus attacks and spam.

Most important features of Spamdel

- Optionally only goes online if you are at your PC.
- Works with Cable/ISDN and/or Dial-Up server.
- Optionally dial-up desired host (and hangup after predefined time).
- Keeps the host mail visible, even if you are not online (headers are cached).
- Helps prevent email virus getting through to your computer.
- Sounds and various tray notification icons to keep you informed of your mail status.
- Operates non-invasively in the system Tray.
- Auto-checks your email whenever you go online, and at predefined intervals whilst you are online.
- You can view the message contents even though the message is not on your PC!
- You can send a 'quick reply' to the mail even though its not on your PC.
- When mail is available it is categorized into spam types and you are notified accordingly.
- Compliments Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook, and its free!

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