SpyWare Nuker 4.09.10

  • Last update: 31 Jan 2009
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 7.76MB
  • Downloads: 5893

SpywareNuker will help detect and remove unwanted spyware and adware on your computer. SpywareNuker will allow you to scan running programs, Windows registry, cookies and all files and directories on your computer, or let you specify certain directories and files to scan.

Once the scanning process is complete, you have full control over what files are deleted and what files are excluded. You can even restore previously deleted files if you choose. It scans for threats in non-standard locations, has full support for Netscape/FireFox, gives you ability to schedule scans when it is convenient for you and features IE Monitor that monitors important Internet Explorer settings and alerts you if a modification occurs.

Features of SpyWare Nuker 4.09.10 :

· Finds Adware
· Removes Adware
· Gives the user the option to scan individual drives and/or multiple drives, as opposed to the entire system.
· Gives the user the option to scan for individual system components/resources that may be infected (i.e. registry, files, cookies, running programs and/or host files)
· Users have the ability to select if/when and how Auto-updates will be initiated.
· Users have the ability to Exclude specified infections from being removed from their systems, if they so choose.
· Automatic backups occur, allowing the user to restore their systems with previously removed items.
· Spyware Nuker 2004 has the ability to schedule when scanning should take place.
· Extensive Online Help.

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