StartRight 1.3.4

  • Last update: 17 Feb 2007
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 435KB
  • Downloads: 5692

StartRight will manage the execution of programs that are automatically started by the operating system at logon time. Instead of executing many programs at once (causing your OS to spit and sputter and attack your hard drive), StartRight will give the OS time to execute the program before running the next program. The OS should become much more responsive almost imediately after logon.

Features of StartRight 1.3.4 :

· program executing ordering
· custom delays
· Auto-Tune delays based on CPU usage (optional)
· new item notification (optional)
· automatically disable all new programs (optional)
· pause or stop program execution (optional)

What's New in StartRight 1.3.4 :

· Fix: New Item notification may not be triggered
· Fix: "Stop" button unreponsive durring sleep
· FIx: Startup Control window not always on top
· New: Improved delay timing
· New: Abort delay when CPU usage drops low (currently 9%)
· New: Regularly updated CPU status on progress window
· New: Improved CPU usage sampling

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