Startup Delayer 3.0.362

  • Last update: 19 Oct 2014
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 8.40MB
  • Downloads: 17512

Startup Delayer represents a perfect program to boost your computer startup and choose which programs start and when.

Many times, your Windows loads so slow and your PC starts in minutes and you don’t know why. Usually, there is a problem in loading all kind of programs at startup and Windows struggles to do it.

Startup Delayer is able to rearrange your boot time order for programs and specify how long they should wait until starting. For example, one program can wait until CPU usage or HDD usage is below a certain percent of usage, so as your PC isn’t slowed down.

Advanced options make you specify if your application will launch with elevated privilegies, or launch it in a specific day only, or launch a specific application only when internet connection is active.

You can define startup profiles if you want and view detailed logs of the last startup process. Also, you can add or remove programs from launching at Windows boot and view the services or tasks Windows uses.

Not in the end, this software offers a backup option for local users settings and applications.

What's New in Startup Delayer 3.0 :

- Added the ability to keep the Launch process open at the end of launching all applications.
- Added the ability to wait for between 0 and 59 seconds at startup before launching all applications.
- Added Japanese translations
- Added check for corrupt Courier New font
- Added error message for missing NGen from corrupt .net installation
- Minor fixes and improvements

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