TinyWall Firewall 2.1.7

  • Last update: 5 Jan 2016
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 1.13MB
  • Downloads: 3097

TinyWall Firewall has a different approach on firewalls and delievers a strong protection in a free and easy to use package.

It is particularly useful for unexperienced users, as it doesn’t display pop-ups and to operate it, you shouldn’t deal with ports, protocols and other complicated settings.

Anyway, the program has many options to whitelist safe programs, by selecting the active processes, or browsing to the executable file. Also, an innovative way to do it is to press a hotkey, than to select any active window of the software and it will be automatically added to the safelist.

This program will prevent Windows Firewall settings to be modified and also blocks by default hundreds of malwares: worms, viruses, etc.

For easier operation it offers four quick modes to filter traffic: Normal protection, Allow outgoing, Block all, Allow all and Learning mode.

It will protect your hosts file and incorporates firewall tampering protection.

Using TinyWall Firewall, you can also monitor network traffic in realtime and view running processes and their connections, with ports, protocols, as well as destination and remote address.

The program has IPv6 support, doesn’t install drivers or kernel components and is free, offering a good protection without altering computer’s speed.

What's New in TinyWall Firewall 2.1.7 :

- Fix: GUI freezes if Application Finder is closed while scan is running
- Added DPI-awareness (fixes blurry GUI in desktop scaling)
- Add Polish and Turkish localizations
- Updates to Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese translations
- Application database updates

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