Tracks Eraser 6.7

  • Last update: 18 Sep 2011
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 1.67MB
  • Downloads: 5377

Tracks Eraser helps you to surf the Web with the stealth and anonymity.

Tracks Eraser is a complete solution for cleaning internet activities and traces of your PC!

Features of Tracks Eraser 6 :

Tracks Eraser can erase the following history data for you:
· Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's location bar history list
· Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's Cookies
· Erase Internet cache (temporary Internet files)
· Erase Internet history files
· Erase Internet search history
· Erase autocomplete history
· Erase IE plugins (selectable)
· Clean index.dat file
· Erase start menu run history
· Erase start menu search history
· Erase windows temp files
· Erase open/save dialog box history
· Empty recycle bin
· Erase Realplayer playlist history
· Erase Media Player playlist history
· Erase QuickTime playlist history
· Erase Microsoft Office recent files list
· Erase Winzip recent extract files list
· Erase Acrobat recent files list
Tracks Eraser other great features includes:
· Homepage Protection prevent the websites from modifying your homepage
· Boss Key you can hide the opened browser's windows when other come in
· Free up valuable hard-drive space it can free up a lot of disk space used by the cache and temp files
· Teat Mode you can see what files and registry entries will be erased before it is really erased.

Tracks Eraser is Internet Explorer/Firefox/Netscape/AOL/Opera/MSN compatible.

What's New in Tracks Eraser 6.7 :

· Fixed a bug with Windows 7 64 bit version
· Minor bugs fixed

Note: - Tracks Eraser Pro keeps all the great features of Tracks Eraser but adds more control and features like: Unlimited number of applications supported, Plug-in Support, Secure Erasing, Scheduling, Clean Free Space, Outlook Express support and more! If you want all these extra features get Tracks Eraser Pro!

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