Trojan Remover 6.9.5

  • Last update: 7 Dec 2019
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 11.3MB
  • Downloads: 1345940

Trojan Remover tries to be a complementary anti-malware utility designed to detect and remove malwares of different kinds when your current security solution has failed.

It covers trojans, spyware, adware, worms and potentially unwanted programs. It also checks to see if Windows loads services which are hidden by rootkit techniques and warns you if it finds any.

The program installs quickly and the user interface is quite simple and easy to understand. You can either scan for active malware or scan a drive or directory of your wish.

Trojan Remover will check system integrity, rookits, registry, VxD entries, service DLLs, browser helper objects, security providers, scheduled tasks, the Hosts file, etc. In case of detection it will automatically reboot your PC to remove every malware that resides in the memory and can’t be deleted while Windows is loading.

It provides final user with some utilities like ‚Reset Internet Explorer homesearch engine’, ‚reset Windows HOSTS file’, ‚Repair Layered Service Provider registry entries’.

There is a ‚FastScan’ component that checks all program-loading points every time you start your computer and as many times as you wish manually.

One advantage for this program is that it removes the additional system modifications some Trojans carry out, which are ignored by other Virus and Trojan Scanners.

What's New in Trojan Remover 6.9.5 :

- NEW: added Utility to remove an Internet Proxy Server if one is established.
- Updater
- Improvements to the way in which program components that require Administrator rights to update are handled.
- FIX: In certain circumstances helpfile version information was not being correctly updated after a helpfile update so the update was offered repeatedly.

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Rating: 4.4 28 (votes) Comments:

did absolutely nothing. virus remains and trojan remover is a hoax

  • Rating: 1
  • Posted by: Dorothy
  • Date: 29 Nov 2012

Excellent Trojan Remover!! I had infected dlls, modified registry entries, desktop and start menu locked, etc. It cleaned all in one shot! Thanks!

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Nikodem
  • Date: 28 Mar 2012

it is one of the best efficient software i have ever used

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: venky
  • Date: 5 May 2010

Without a doubt this is the best neither AVG nor adWare, or SpyBot did the job. Great tool to work with!!!

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: Mary Vag
  • Date: 15 Feb 2010

it says that it has expired...and i just barely downloaded it. what is wrong with it plz help

  • Rating: 1
  • Posted by:
  • Date: 1 Dec 2009
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