Trout 2.0

  • Last update: 20 Dec 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 18.9KB
  • Downloads: 11741

Trout is a visual (i.e. GUI as opposed to command-line) traceroute and Whois program. Pinging can be set at a controllable rate as can the frequency of repeatedly scanning the selected host.

The built-in simple Whois lookup can be used to identify hosts discovered along the route to the destination computer. Parallel pinging and hostname lookup techniques make this traceroute program perhaps the fastest currently available.

What's New in Trout 2.0 :

· Parallel pinging, resulting in a huge speed improvment.
· Selectable background and text colors.
· Improved interface.
· Save trace to file.
· Improved HTML output.
· Optional continuous ping mode.

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Thankyou.this is what i need!!!!. a good tool to be worth once again thank you. it traes connectivity like it the router

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