Vpn One Click

  • Last update: 16 Oct 2014
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 493KB
  • Downloads: 11582

Vpn One Click is a simple, but effective application made to protect your privacy online.

It consists of only one window where you select a VPN server. You are immediately assigned a fake IP and every connection will be made secure and your traffic will not be tracked as nobody will know your location and identity.

It uses for encryption the PPTP protocol at 128 bit or L2tp/Ipsec 256 bit and no relation is kept between your connection and the IP address you are using with one of the globally available servers.

Everytime you make a connection, the server changes, and your security is even stronger. However you can choose to keep one single IP address for the entire session. This software integrates a virtual firewall to filter and block fragmented data and possible interceptions.

VPN One Click can be used with any program that connects to the internet: browsers, mail clients, instant messaging applications, voip, etc.

The application offers fast connection and by its options can also bypass restrictions that some countries, ISP, schools or offices put on accessing some websites.

The program offers no additional configuration options and makes basically everything automatically, thus being suitable for unexperienced users also.

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