abylon CRYPTMAIL 7.3

  • Last update: 15 Nov 2008
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 8.66MB
  • Downloads: 5824

abylon CRYPTMAIL is a simple software for certificate based encrypting (PKCS-standard) of your secret data.

With the AddIn for Outlook (not Outlook Express) you can pack or unpack so-called SME files (Secure Message Envelope = Signing and Encrypting in one step). You need only click the button 'Signing and Encrypting (SME for...)' or 'Decrypting an Verifying (unpack SME)' in the outlook window. The SME-format protect your data against illegal access and you can send the email without any worries.
Additionally offer abylonsoft an user interface to create encrypted and signed emails. The SME-file is transmitted by the MAPI-interface to nearly every email program. The user must only send it to the recipient.

Only the owner of the correct Private Key can open and read the email. The recipient need minimum the freeware abylon READER to decrypt data and verify the signature.

Features of abylon CRYPTMAIL 7.3:

· Key administration based on X.509-certificates (Smartcard and USB-token support)
· Complete integration into MS Outlook (Not Outlook Express / start with Outlook 2000)
· Additional user interface for creating of signed and encrypted SME-files
· One click singing and encrypting (SME, also for several recipients)
· Easy integration of the certificate based encryption of emails
· Automatic installation of the public keys
· The saving of encrypted news in the post office box are possible
· After the files are stored on hard disk, the decryption is also possible with the free tool abylon READER

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