iISystem Wiper 2.4

  • Last update: 24 Nov 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 453KB
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iISystem Wiper allows you to clear the history of your activities from your computer.

Many programs store information about your activities on your personal computer. Some of this information is easy to clear, such as the History, but other information can be hard to locate and clear, for example the cookie index file. iISystem Wiper allows you to clear this information with a click of a button.

In addition to the lack of privacy this stored information causes, the files can also take up large amounts of space on you hard drive. Internet Explorer's temporary files can take up hundreds of megabytes of space.

If you desire, iISystem Wiper will even automate the process of wiping clean your computer. All you have to do is select which items you want cleared and iISystem Wiper will clear your computer every time you shutdown your computer.

iISystem Wiper 2.4 allows you to clearf:

· History, Temporary Files, and Cookies from Internet Explorer
- History, Temporary Files, and Cookies from Netscape
· Windows list of recently used files
· Find File History
· Find Computer History
· Run Program History
· Recycle Bin
· Windows Media Player Recent Lists
· Information Peer-2-Peer programs save about your actions
· Microsoft Office Recent File Lists
· Custom Items using Plugin Editor

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Using iLSystemWiper the first time (not all wipes) damaged my Windows98-System under environment:
IE6; DirectX 9.0c; Windows98-Updates (all: 31,8 MB); WinZip; Acrobat Reader; AntiVir6; AgnitumOutpost Firewall; TrojanCheck; SpySweeper; DownloadSpeed; SmartSurfer.

The damages after wiping and ´shut-down´:
no system: Windows-system - start-files in c:\ (io.sys, dos.sys,, config.sys, autoexec.bat) all deleted.
With sys-command recovered and config.sys and autoexec.bat from backup.
DOS-CD-ROM - drivers in c:\ deleted: ltnide.sys, mscdex.exe.

Booting Windows after recovering this, too, only to DOS-prompt.

Booting from there with win /D:M from Windows-folder (cause path-setting for c:\windows deleted) for boot in save-mode with diagnostic or any other parameter from win /d: (win /?) says: ´himem.sys in c:\windows missing´.
With dir himem.sys himem.sys is found in the windows-folder.
From other windows 98 - installation the himem.sys copied.
One boot was possible: then error for initialize VFAT-machine (HDD-controller); this means: HDD-controller - driver was/is deleted.
After this once-boot win /D:M again says: missing himem.sys.

Windows-Boot says: start-files can´t be worked.

Through missing HDD-controller - driver I had to install Windows 98 new.

So much to the promise: no harm to your system.

This was/is a one hundred Dollar/Euro testing- and recovering-work!

Contact at is none.

a GerMANIA 98crazy 9/2006

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