xpy 1.3.7

  • Last update: 23 Jun 2013
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 145KB
  • Downloads: 62228

xpy is a small but useful utility for Windows, with support till Windows 8.

It helps you optimize and secure the operating system very easily and fast.

There are several categories in which xpy can modify settings: ‘General’ with options to disable error reporting, WGA notifications, net crawling, remote assistance, hide computer name on the network or disable Windows Script host.

If you quickly want to disable unwanted services, you can find an option for that too: disable RPC, DCOM, superfetch service or time synchronization, Windows Defender, Telnet, etc.

If you want more control over Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player or Windows Messenger you can either disable them completely or tweak some settings that may pose a threat to your computer.

Unfortunately you aren’t provided with any help file, but you may search on the internet about every setting you want to tweak on your Windows.

What's New in xpy 1.3:

- Ixquick (aka Startpage) is now default search engine
- improved controls to be more dpi-independent

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