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Malware Removal Tool, September 2007 Edition

I just downloaded Malware Removal Tool, and all it says is "Setup.exe".

Now this happens with many software developers, and its something I just do not understand.

Many software developers either name their setup program "Setup.exe" or put nondescriptive initials before "Setup" or something similar.

I wonder if it ever occurred to these software developers that there may be someone out there that downloads many programs and files and they could have 10+ files in 10+ different subfolders that are simply named "Setup.exe", and the chances of them keeping those files may be slim to none for the sheer fact that they don't know where they got the files from!

now I know that you may have limited file naming capabilities, but come on! "Malware Removal Tool.exe isn't that long! and at very worst you will only have to remove the spaces from the name, or possibly remove some vowels.

another trend I've noticed doesn't work is when you just put in the initials to the game title. for instance if you just named it "MRT.exe", then someone may just mistake it for a Mr. T game.

So could you please rename the setup file so that the next person that comes along and downloads your software will be spared from this confusion?

Thank You!

Christian Beckman

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