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Windows Defender

It is generally not recommended to use more security solutions on one system. They will compete for resources which may result in slowdown, crashes or in no protection at all. We recommend deactivating Microsoft Windows Defender. Please note, that it is deactivated automatically during installation of AVGnbsp

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  • Posted by: JG
  • Date: 10 Nov 2009

Windows Defender

since loading avg 9 my defender is always switched off when I start up, how can I set it to alwys be switched on as before my version is 1.1.1600.0. definition version 1.69.301.0

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  • Posted by: G Mason
  • Date: 2 Nov 2009

Windows Defender 1.1.1347 (beta 2)

youre an idiot. uninstall the old one first, make sure ur computer clock is set correctly, turn on your brain and install this version

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  • Posted by: v
  • Date: 26 Apr 2006

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware 1.0.615 Beta

I had been using your antispyware when I received a message saying that it had expired July 19, '05. I have spent over an hour trying to download it again twice, but have been unsuccessful. I did restart the computer as well. Could you please tell me what it takes to get it downloaded?

Thank you.

S. Wells

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