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ZoneAlarm Free

You are still advertising the Internet lock feature, but you have disabled it in V10. This was the best feature you had.
After 10 years - goodbye ZA.

ZoneAlarm Free

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version:
It does not have a flashing greenred icon on the taskbar to show traffic, which the previous versions had. This was very handy to show that the internet connection was OK.

I cannot find out how to access the programmes list. In previous versions this was dead simple.

ZoneAlarm Free

After installing this update, and denying the addition of the requested new home page, Firefox 4 hangs on startup. I have to start another instance of Firefox to get any internet access.

  • Rating: 1
  • Posted by: Phill
  • Date: 8 May 2011

ZoneAlarm Free

i think, it doesnt work great on windows 7, for some reason it didnt install, correctly vsmon.exe and after 3 reinstalls forget it

  • Rating: 1
  • Posted by: nocheez
  • Date: 9 Dec 2009

ZoneAlarm Free

The Best way to block hackers is to use this program, and Kaspersky.

  • Rating: 5
  • Posted by: RAM
  • Date: 2 Mar 2009

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