BCArchive 2.06.3

  • Last update: 27 Nov 2014
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 3.97MB
  • Downloads: 17008

BCArchive is a complex software to encrypt your data and make it secure from prying eyes.

You can compress a group of data or folders into one file that will be protected. There are numerous methods to be used: symmetric algorythms - Rijndael (AES), Blowfish-256, Blowfish-448, IDEA, CAST5, GOST 28147-89, Triple DES, asymmetric algorythms - RSA, ElGamal / Diffie-Hellman, Secure Hash Algorithms: SHA-256, SHA-1, MD5 and RIPEMD-160, etc.

Creating an archive is very easy, just like any other program of its kind. The difference reside in the abundancy of security algorythms and for example you can use the public key to create your encrypted file to be sent to a certain recipient. The archive you just created can only be opened using a private key, your recipient has.

The program is user-friendly and has the option to create self-extracting archives as well.

The help file provided explains in detail how to fully benefit from all the features you can get from this piece of software.

It runs on all major Windows version and it’s very powerful and efficient in protecting your data.

What's New in BCArchive 2.06.3 :

- BCArchive now can open photos and other pictures directly, without copying them to temporary directory.
- Support of SHA-512 hash algorithm.
- Support for Windows 8.
- Fixed minor bug.

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