F-Prot Antivirus

  • Last update: 2 Dec 2011
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 34.8MB
  • Downloads: 13266

F-Prot Antivirus provides high quality data protection and security without draining your system’s resources and without the need for the latest operating system or the latest hardware.

Features of F-Prot Antivirus :

· RealTime Protector
Scans all files accessed by your system in realtime.
· Updater
Handles virus signature file updates. These files contain protection against new and emerging threats.
· Command-Line Scanner
The perfect tool for recovering from a virus that has left Windows inoperable.
· Updates and Technical Support
Both program updates and virus signature file updates are included in the home-user license, along with full product support.
· Scheduler
Allows for automatic updating of the virus signature files and scanning at predetermined times and intervals.
· OnDemand Scanner
For manually scanning your computer for viruses. This is also where you can view your virus signature files update status at glance.

What's New in F-Prot Antivirus :

• Engine (between 4.6.1 and 4.6.2):
· Fixes bugs in the OAS driver and improves On-Demand scan stability.
· Improved integrity self-checking.
· Major speed improvement in the JavaScript emulator for common scenarios.
· Detection of PDF exploits and malicious contained objects.
· Detection of SWF exploits and malicious contained objects.
· Fixed three evasion methods reported by ReversingLabs.
· Hundreds of small and medium fixes and improvements.
• Product-specific:
· Original path to quarantined or backed up items now shown in tooltip.
· Issue when editing advanced scans fixed.
· Increased renewal frequency for subscription keys.
· Reboot button is not focused by default after an update of FPAV.
· Popup from the tray application about expiring, expired or missing subscription does not steal focus.
· On-demand scanner does no longer follow junction points.
· Blue-screen on x64 Windows caused by the engine fixed.
· File integrity checks implemented for the signed binaries.
· Minor fixes to the installer.

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