Perfect Process 1.1

  • Last update: 20 Oct 2005
  • License: Freeware
  • Size: 3.9MB
  • Downloads: 3057

The Perfect Process stops backdoors and other pests like spyware and worms when entering the computer.

Making users able to stop the attack before it begins. The Shield also stops Qhost(Hosts) virus attacks and protects Internet Explorer's start and search page and other options. The startups is also scanned. All this is done in real time. Startup is the place where Backdoors and Spyware often hide out.

The Perfect Process Admin scan the entire disk for spyware/adware worms and other annoying pests.
On top of this Perfect Process Admin scan hosts on the entire network and reveals running backdoors and spywares like 'MSblast'.
Scanning of IP ranges can be started to make scanning of the entire network easier without knowing the exact IP adresse or name of the hosts in the network.

Features of Perfect Process 1.1:

· Full process Report : A detailed report of all running processes on a Host. This option can be used both locally and on remote hosts.
Scan running Process's : Scan all running processes on the selected host. Used both remote and locally. This scan will reveal any unwanted processes running on the host and make a detailed report of the findings.
· Scan Disk : Scan the local disks for any unwanted programs like backdoors spyware/adware.
· Exclude File & dirs : File and/or directorys that should be exclude from the scan. The selected files and directorys is excluded Both in the Admin and in the shield.
· Network Scan : Scan hosts in the network (LAN).

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